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Missing Persons

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At Preferred Choice Investigations, we have an extensive service history that demonstrates our capabilities in tracking down and finding out information about missing persons. These can be difficult service requests, but our private detective teams are more than capable of overcoming any associated challenges or difficulties to give you the best possible results. We’re yet to come across a service request where our private investigator specialists have been unable to reach a conclusion - we’ve always been able to find our targets, or been able to confirm that they’re no longer around. If you’re looking for a missing person, it’s critical that you get through to our services as quickly as possible, we’ll get on with tracking them down without any undue delays. For further details regarding this service, read on below or reach out to our customer service team today.


Blending In

One of the aspects that makes finding a missing person so much more difficult nowadays compared with previous years is that it’s that much easier to up sticks and move across the country – or even the planet. Changing your identity and blending in with a local community is easily done, and that’s why it can be so incredibly challenging for non-specialists to find the people that they’re looking for. Fortunately, we have a number of mechanisms in place that makes it possible for us to track them down – all you need to do is reach out to us and we’ll begin using them.


Systems and Records

As it’s so much easier to disappear than it ever was previously, it’s important that a private investigation service leverages everything that they have at their disposal to find the person in question. At Preferred Choice Investigations, we have access to a range of databases and record systems that can help us to track down your missing person. Our screening processes and techniques are comprehensive in their application and execution, and alongside our other private detective experience and methods, it’ll only be a matter of time before we find them.


Missing Person Requests

We get a wide range of missing person requests, and we’re prepared to take on anything that you have for us. A lot of the time, we’re tasked with finding people who are ultimately trying to escape the consequences of their previous actions – like those who’ve avoiding parental support payments, for example – but we’re also well-versed in tracking down loved ones who have gone off the radar, old friends who have moved, and even long lost relatives.


Legal Witness Searches

It’s always worth noting that we’re capable of discovering the location of witnesses that could be critical to a legal case that you’re handling. Sometimes a witness might be the difference between a successful case and a failure, but if you have no idea where they are, you’re going to be stuck. We can come up with their location, giving you a much higher chance of the decision going in your favor. We’ll make sure we get to them quickly, as any delay might make the search moot.

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