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Domestic and Infidelity

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One of the most often requested services that we have in our locker is our domestic and infidelity private investigator service. Our personal investigator teams are the best in the business, and concerned with uncovering the information that could prove a partner has been having an affair, but they’re also able to help with a range of domestic matters as well. Many times, people have a hunch that something might be going on behind their backs, but they can’t gather any evidence to prove it – this is naturally going to be a huge frustration. A private investigator service can help you get to the bottom of the matter with swift efficiency, and regardless of the information you receive, the situation will reach a rapid conclusion – to the benefit of everybody. For any such needs that you have, consider the team at Preferred Choice Investigations.


Noticing the Signs

When infidelity is concerned, feelings tend to be extreme. This means that there are certainly situations where maybe you suspect something when nothing is actually happening, but in a sense it doesn’t make a difference – you’re still engulfed in the turmoil which is so detrimental to your mental health. Of course, there are always times where there is something happening. If your partner is protective of their phone, or spending a lot of time away from the house, then you might want to look into investigative services. Whether there’s something going on or not, you’ll be able to put the issue to bed once we’ve investigated.


Discretion Matters

If it’s discovered that you’re having your partner investigated, either for reasons relating to infidelity or something else, then it could be catastrophic. A potentially faithful partner might lose trust in you, wrecking the relationship. Or a cheating partner might get wind of the investigation, and more effectively cover their tracks. The point is that discretion matters. Our private detective teams will make sure that nobody knows you’re investigating them, and that we gain access to the information you’re seeking undiscovered.


Pre-Marital Investigation Work

While infidelity investigations are perhaps our most common domestic investigation request, we’re also tasked with pre-marital investigation work as well. This is often carried out by partners or the family of one of the partners, usually because they suspect that the person in question might be hiding something about their identity or history. It’s far better to find out unsettling, damaging information before a marriage takes place rather than after, when it may be too late. We’ll make sure that happens.


Leveraging Techniques

We have a number of ways of garnering information that could prove that your partner is cheating – or not. We can discreetly surveil your partner, potentially catching them in the act, but we’re also adept at GPS tracking, phone data recovery techniques, and so much more. Rest assured, we have everything required to get the results that you’re seeking in a legal and confidential manner. If you’re in need of an experienced and reliable service, hire a private investigator with us today.

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