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Custody and Divorce Cases

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Generally speaking, marriage is obviously a positive institution – but when things go wrong, divorce proceedings can become very ugly. It’s very common for ex-spouses to go after one another in a vicious fashion, looking to extract as much money and capital as they can for their own benefit. This kind of behavior happens at the best of times, but when infidelity is involved, it can get even uglier. This is obviously very unsavory, but custody disagreements are worst of all. When children are involved, tempers tend to flare, and allegations are even thrown about. To get a fair representation of reality, it’s worth considering hiring a private detective service to carry out a custody or divorce investigation. If you choose to hire a private investigator for this reason, you’ll be protected from false information, and far more likely to secure a favorable settlement agreement.


Prepare for Allegations

At Preferred Choice Investigations, we’ve been in this business for a long time, and we’ve seen the best and the worst of people. Sadly, it’s very common to witness false allegations from one partner to other, with the idea in mind that they might be able to get more money, or a more comprehensive alimony or child support set-up. If you’re assaulted with a false allegation, you need to be prepared to defend yourself. A private investigator can come up with information that could dispute the allegations or undermine the trustworthiness of the opposing party.


Important Information

Divorces are particularly messy because by the time you’re married, you usually have a number of shared assets – and these items tend to be very expensive. A common one is obviously the dwelling that you’ve lived in, with some property’s costing more than seven figures. Bank accounts, pensions, investments, cars – these all need to be considered. It’s possible that somebody is hiding money, and that might be discoverable for our team. Previous financial dealings can also be poured over, and we’re confident that we can find something to aid your case.


Tracking Down Spouses

One of the common service requests that we receive is to find a spouse that has skipped town, usually with the intention of slowing down divorce proceedings to a standstill. This is usually a vindictive act, intended to be hurtful, but it’s possible that other factors forced them to leave. Whatever the reason, we’ll be able to track down your ex-partner, and we can either influence them into signing divorce papers while we’re there, or give you all of the information that you need to reach out to them yourself.


Custody Cases

At our company, we’ve helped people gain custody of their children by using information about the ex-partner that showcases that they’re unfit to be a guardian. They might have excessive alcohol or drug use going on, an incompatible work or lifestyle situation, inadequate housing, or a number of other associated shortcomings. We can gather and compile all of the relevant information to make sure that you’re able to present a strong case.

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