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Civil Lawsuit Investigations

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In the United States, we have a highly litigious society. That means that, more than anywhere else in the world, situations end up in court room. While many of the court cases that take place are criminal investigations, this service is specifically concerned with civil lawsuits. Civil lawsuits take place for all sorts of reasons, and they can either be concerned with large sums of money, or much more modest amounts. At Preferred Choice Investigations, we can provide civil lawsuit investigation services through our private detective teams – and this might be just what you need to win your case. With civil lawsuits, as with any kind of legal case, you need to have ample evidence to demonstrate the truth of your position. You stand the best possible chance at acquiring this evidence if hire a private investigator through us. Read on below for further details.


Explaining Civil Lawsuit Investigations

In simple terms, a civil lawsuit is a private legal dispute between one party that has allegedly failed in their duties and commitments to another party, that is accusing them of that failure. The side which is making the accusation is usually seeking out compensation or the completion of the duty which was promised in the first place. A civil lawsuit investigation is where a private investigator service – like ours – seeks and compiles evidence that pertains to the case at hand.


Types of Civil Lawsuit

The nature of civil lawsuits is that they’re very varied and can come in a wide range of forms – it’s pretty much a catch-all term that spans a huge array of situations. In the past, we’ve helped investigate claims relating to personal injury disputes, domestic accidents, worker compensation, domestic abuse situations, and so much more. We have the extensive service experience to handle each and every one of these situations, and we’ll always do so with a high level of sensitivity and discretion.


Inaccessible Evidence

When a civil lawsuit takes place, discovery procedures take place where evidence is supplied and presented for examination. The problem is that a lot of the evidence that would prove particularly useful for such situations simply isn’t accessible through these means. Of course, it doesn’t make any sense to miss out on evidence that could prove pivotal, so what do you do? This is where you make the decision to hire a private investigation service to acquire the evidence that you need. Our licensed service knows how to find and compile all of the relevant information and testimony, giving you a much better chance at success.


Discovery Techniques

If you’re hiring our private investigator teams, you might be wondering how we go about retrieving information that could be useful for your lawsuit. In the past, we’ve tracked down witnesses and carried out interviews, we’ve performed phone data recovery and computer forensic work, and we’ve even helped to establish relationships between involved parties, depending on the circumstances and allegations. We have several surveillance techniques that can be put to use – we just need to be brought into the fold.

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