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Private Investigator

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Making the decision to hire a private investigator is not the kind of thing that you need to do on a regular basis. Though the applications of a private detective service are broad and considerable, that doesn’t mean that the situations where they’re needed are at all ordinary. However, if you find yourself in the midst of a difficult situation, and you need expertise in finding people and compiling information, then a private investigation and surveillance service is very likely the best route forward for you.

A private investigator company like ours can supply you with a personal investigator or corporate investigator – depending on your needs – all you need to do is reach out first.

About Us

At Preferred Choice Investigations, we’ve made it our number one goal to provide the people of Wichita, Kansas with high class private investigation services. We’ve been working in this industry for a very long time, and we’re well-aware of the needs and requirements associated with a service like ours. All of our private investigators are industry veterans – people with an extensive background in both security and intelligence spheres, so they’re more than well-prepared to handle the rigorous demands of the jobs that you might have for us. We provide services at unbelievable value, which means you won’t need to spend an arm and a leg to bring us into the fold.

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    Our Services

    We’ve created a broad and powerful set of services to make sure that we can look after our customers’ needs – regardless of the specific circumstances. Through our company, you can access the services of a background investigator, a fraud investigation team, adoption investigation services, missing persons specialists, and so much more. We’ve not yet experienced a situation where we’ve been incapable of supplying the expertise that a customer has needed – and we never expect that to be the case. If you’re unsure whether we have any experience with your particular type of situation, our customer service team can offer you clarity.

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    business auditor using magnifying glass for paperwork fraud investigation
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    Domestic and Infidelity

    Cases of domestic abuse and infidelity are always horrible to hear – but proving what’s going on is critical if the behavior is going to stop. If you suspect something is going on, either due to a hunch or because of suspicious behavior, we have the resources and expertise to find out what the truth is. For better or worse, you’ll be able to close the lid on this period of your life.

    Missing Persons

    Missing person situations are often heartbreaking – and it brings us such joy that we’re able to help with reuniting long lost friends and relatives. Of course, not all reunions are joyful. We’re also happy to help you track down people who are causing issues for you. Whether they’ve taken some of your property, or they’re failing to pay back a substantial debt, we can pinpoint their location successfully.

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    private detective spying, investigation and surveillance with camera
    side view of a private detective sitting inside car photographing with slr camera

    Custody and Divorce Cases

    When divorce is afoot, matters often become rather frayed. People do not behave at their best, and false allegations are far from extraordinary. We can compile evidence that proves your ex-partner is an unreliable witness, or that shows that they’re lying about their own circumstances. This might help you to secure custody of your children away from unsafe living conditions, or give you a share of the divorce settlement that is more in line with what you deserve.

    Adoption Investigations

    We offer adoption investigation services to the people of Wichita, Kansas and beyond, and this might be just what you need to track down biological relatives who are no longer accessible. This service might facilitate a new relationship with your biological family, or help you to uncover health conditions which might have an impact on your long-term health and wellbeing.

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    detective board with fingerprints, photos, map and clues connected by red string on white brick wall
    private detective with camera spying near building on city street

    Insurance and Fraud

    We’re capable of assisting both companies and individuals with fraud allegations. If you suspect that someone has acted fraudulently, you need to bring in a specialist service that can investigate the claims. We have an array of surveillance techniques which we can call on to find the truth of the matter. Our discreet, efficient investigators will make sure that the party in question is not able to hide or destroy evidence because they’ve cottoned on to the investigation.

    Civil Lawsuit Investigations

    If you have a civil lawsuit going on, you need to make sure that you’re getting all of the available information to make your case as strong as possible. General discovery procedures aren’t comprehensive, but our civil lawsuit investigations service is. We’ll make sure that you can make a rock-solid case, regardless of the specific kind of civil lawsuit that you’re involved in.

    “I was thoroughly impressed with the way that Preferred Choice Investigations handled my private business. I no longer have to worry about a cheating partner, and it’s all thanks to the hard work of this service. They managed to make a very unpleasant experience tolerable.” – Emma P.

    “I’m happy to say that using Preferred Choice Investigations proved to be an excellent decision, despite my reservations about using a private investigator. These people were professional, kind, and friendly throughout the time they helped me with my custody case – and I’ve since got the results that I was seeking. I’m very grateful.” – Amy G.

    “Preferred Choice Investigations recently helped me to track down my estranged brother, and it’s been a life-changing experience for me. We’ve reconciled, we’re talking regularly, and it’s all down to this team. I honestly can’t thank you all enough.” – Ryan A.

    Contact Us Today

    We’re the number one private investigation service in the Wichita, Kansas area, and if you want a team that will work diligently, with an emphasis on confidentiality, then we’re the company for you. To arrange a consultation or find out more information on the services that we offer or the prices that you can expect to pay, speak to our customer service team today. You can reach them via our online contact form, or through our main telephone number during our regular working hours. Both of these contact points can be found on our company website. Speak to them today, and you’ll be making life that much easier on yourself.